Artist Statement

The inspiration and details in my life are the sources for my art work. I usually work in photography, video and painting. However, I believe that my photography and paintings show different styles of my art.

The inspiration for my photography comes from traveling. Walking through nature and the city, I am good at capturing different angles of beautiful scenery. I believe that there are different sceneries every day in the same place, and new perspectives are discovered every day. What’s important is that I like to find the composition in the landscape. The lines of the landscape appear in the camera’s framing. I like to capture interesting and beautiful pictures.

My paintings is different from my photography. I love my traditional culture. The Chinese culture is gorgeous, and has distinctive meanings and legends. I try to spread the beautiful art culture of China in my own way. My painting style always involves clear lines, bright colors and symbolic patterns. I am still discovering and creating the artistic characteristics that belong to me. Through my art I hope to bring aspects of traditional Chinese culture to the art world.